Founding Leadership Team

Corrina Hui, DSX's Founding Systemic Equity Designer, believes that a culture of belonging and relevant curriculum can inspire students to love themselves as learners, therefore wanting to learn deeply and make meaning of complex issues about themselves and their world. Corrina, an edu-activist, designs and facilitates learning experiences using critical creative thinking, empathy, craftsmanship, and practiced persistence by integrating her craft of math with liberatory design and systems design.

Corrina has been an educator for eight years as a teacher, designer and professional development leader. While at the East Bay School for Boys, a middle school in Berkeley, she founded the innovative math program rooted in social justice and designed a framework to systematize the school’s curriculum and culture for sustained creativity and equity. At Aim High Summer Program in San Francisco, Corrina helped teaching teams develop engaging curriculum for diverse learners by building relational trust as the 8th grade math teacher, Cantonese translator, and director of curriculum and culture. Corrina has been a critical designer during the first three years of the creation of DSX from designing curricula and a “Day in the Life of a DSX student” to the revolutionary DSX schedule.

Corrina finds collaborating with activists, artists, athletes, builders, chefs, designers, educators, and filmmakers critical for inspiration and her own development as a loving, humble, courageous and self-aware designer. Corrina shares her work facilitating workshops locally and nationally and on the interweb at, Instagram + Twitter @corrhui.

Jignasha Pandya, is an experienced educator who loves building equity-focused, culturally relevant, student-centered learning environments. Her work in education has spanned the spectrum to include classroom instruction, teacher coaching, curriculum development, international education and program management. She is very passionate about and a strong advocate of public education and has worked to provide high-quality education options to students in various contexts.

Jignasha is especially adept at taking a concept idea and designing and implementing pilots to bring the idea to reality, most recently for Thrival Academies (a study abroad program for public high school students), as their Founding Co-Director. She especially enjoys working at the intersection of education, social justice and cultural competency and has worked for organizations that work towards addressing that nexus. In her role at World Savvy, Jignasha led professional development workshops to help teachers develop project-based unit plans focused on global competencies. She also worked with The Reset Foundation, an alternative to incarceration, as an Instructional Coach and the Project Manager of Data & Programs.

Jignasha started her career in education as a high school science teacher in Washington, DC with the DC Teaching Fellows. During her tenure as a teacher, Jignasha earned the Highly Effective teacher status under DC’s rigorous teacher evaluation system and was selected as a Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellow. She has also worked as a Selections Associate with Teach For India and managed the principal pathway program for TNTP in Philadelphia.

Jignasha lives in Oakland, with her partner and their beloved chug.

David Clifford, DSX's founder and chief catalyst, builds irresistible learning environments of belonging and becoming. David has been a designer, builder and equity/social justice-oriented educator for nearly 20 years. Much of this time has been spent designing curriculum and culture that utilize tensions (academia and the arts, power and oppression, white supremacy and multiculturalism) for creative opportunities to inspire humanity and agents of change. As a heterosexual, upper-middle class, able-bodied White man, David is the beneficiary of the generations of oppression of people in U.S. He uses his legacy privilege to challenge the very systems and structures of oppression that placed him in his unearned place of power. This self-awareness, coupled with his design/builder mindset and skill-set give David a fortuitous opportunity to rattle status quo cages found within the White worlds of education and the design/design thinking/maker communities.

David also co-founded the East Bay School for Boys as a feminist act to empower middle school boys to be thoughtful, courageous and engaged men of tomorrow. Before that, during his 13 years at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco leading the Technical Arts department, David co-designed and built many programs: Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership, Philanthropy Initiative, Senegal Service Learning Project and Private Skills for Public Purpose. David was recently a Senior Learning Experience Designer at the Stanford’s K12 Lab.

David, a resident of Oakland for 27 years, is married with two lovely daughters who have attended both public and private schools in Oakland.

founding (and growing) board






Michael Weiler @edupath,  Dana Rosenberg (Interim Board Chair) @ebsfb, Kennan Scott @West Oakland Middle + CODeD AcademyTakai Tyler @Hunters Point Family


We are so indebted to all those that have given their time and hearts to DSX. Over 150 people, ranging in age from 9 to 74, have contributed to the mission and vision of DSX. 

Pop-Up High School Students and Prototype Testers (district, charter, parochial and private schools)

Jeffrey Bernstein, Katherine Chu, Joshua Bruno, Zavrey Weiler, Jeremy Edwards, Harmony Wicker, Katie Vestal, Hanna Weiler, Caelen, CJ, Amir, Dylan , Elliott, Leo, Christian, Tyler, Corey, Rufus, Domingo, Sam, Dante, Aldous, Royce, Justin W, Jordan W,Ferreira, Joshua Bruno, Katherine Chu, Ella Rook, Deshan Yapabandara, Ashley Phan, Kiana Afshar, Adan Salazar, Annie Kim, Robert McGugan, Jeffrey Bernstein, Joseph Nguyen, Isaac Mahan, Sophia Li, Kai Galvan, Kaden Galvan, Justin Huwe, Caryus Pak, Oliver York, Chaaya Patel, Justin Tsin, Genesis, David, Miles Larson, James Abraham, Gianni Martinez, Leila Kashani, Lucy Clifford, Misha Clifford

Story makers and tellers

Tim Shriver, Jon Colloday, Paul Westberg, Russlyn @Emerson Collective, Silicon Schools Fund, Bunker Frank, Loree Goffigon @Creativity Matters,, Jim Gilbert, Erica Hodgins, Paul Kim, Jonathan Goncalves, Jean Driscoll @Vincent Academy, Olivia Bryant @Y-Core, Jim Gilbert, Scott Witthoft, Bruce Boyd , Chuck Bowes, Team Vessyl, Kyle Metzner, Rivkah Beth Medow, Sarah Filley, Drew Prober, MetWest School, Ross Jensen, Coach Mike Calhoun, Erin Raab, Trinidad Faustino, Joshua Kauffman, Jallé Dafe, Jae Rhim Lee, Ben Bingham, Chris Brennan, Carla Hall, Seamus Harte, Devon Young, Mark Grunberg, The Crucible, Nick Peterson, Sarah Stein Greenberg, Maureen Keffer, Alexsandra Walton, Marlene Henderson, Michelle Capobres and Alec Lee @Aim High, Martha Martinez, Noriyko Tate, Shannon Solano, Steven Drouin, Chris Balme, Caneel Joyce, Tara Thomas, Nate Lundy @LiveOak, Arjuna Sayyed @ebsfb, Michael Dawson @InnovatorsforPurpose, Susan Dix-Lyons, Tom Malarkey, aManda Greene, Alex Scully, Sujata Bhatt @TheIncubatorSchool, Evan Nichols, Kevin Jeung, Karen Matsuoka, Randy Ching, Emily Jonas, Xander Bremer, Kelsey Dang, Maya Okyerewaa Odei, Alexander Barker, Penelope Madry, Al Adams, Dr. Rebecca Hong, Leticia Britos, Colleen Cotter, Vivienne Ming, Diane Ketelle @Mills College, Sara Beckman, Carla Silver, Kenzo Velasquez, Tana Johnson, Conor McCaulley, Victor Cary, Tom Malarkey, Gabriel Cooper and his crew of deviants, Vikram Bhat, Caroline Wilson, Christine Ortiz, Caroline Hill, Michelle Molitor, Frances Messano, Jo Paraiso, Salomeh Ghorban, Jade Rivera


Jonathan Lazatin, Molly Gales, Daniel Nava, Rebecca Horwitz, Andrew Molina, Cathy Tran, Youssou Fall, Josephine, Daouda Camara, Anton Krukowski, Dr. Susan Clifford, Lizette Dolan, Estria Miyashiro, Sagit Betser, Anne Clifford, Colin Groth, Sam Yen, Marc Anderson, Amy Argenal, Dr. Bianca D'Allesandro, Alice Clifford, Douglas Diaz, Tommy Guerrero, J.R. Anderson, Melanie Harris, Caneel Joyce, Kurt Wolfgang, Eve Gordon, Kieren Dutcher, Tania Anaissie, Angeliki Kapoglou, Dominic East, Adam Pierce, Michael Tubbs, Emi Kolawole, Victor Saad, Christopher Sean Bennett, Jason Mayden, Willem Smith-Clark, Emily Jonas, Carla Silver, Jen McDonald-Peltier, Ariel Raz @Stanford K12Lab Network, Jonah Most, Mo Molino, Ariel Raz, Tana Johnson, Sanjli Gidwaney @DesignforChangeUS,


Sandra Bae (curriculum visuals) UC Davis ‘18, William Worm (Poster, stickers, storymaker) RISD ‘16, Saba Fazeli (Website and storymaker) Stanford ‘16, Martin Edwards (One sheet language genius) @Edupath, Corrina Hui (schedule + maths curriculum) @ebsfb, Jamison Sloan (math curriculum prototype) MIT ‘18

Founding Design Team

Sabine Antonios-McCrea, Corey Weinstein, Gustave Carlson, Corrina Hui, René Villicaña, Meike Hannon and Shannon Phillips @Shinebright, David Pinedo, David Wildkress, Gino Pastori-Ng @YouthImpactHUB, Christina Chung @OaklandTech, Ty-Licia Hooker, Lizette Ortega-Dolan, Mehdi Nikzad, Amy Argenal, Paul Smith, Tony Emerson

Founding Advisors

Susie Wise @Stanford, Shea Tate-DiDonna @Zana, Jeremy LaTrasseJuanCarlos Arauz @E3, Jeff Hord, Jason Baeten and Dana Rosenberg @ebsfb, Justin Ferrell @Stanford, Ty-Licia Hooker, Michael Sturtz @Stanford Creative Ignition Lab, Ashanti Branch @EverForwardClub, Nicola Phillips as CFA (Catalyst for Awesome), Gino Pastori-Ng @YouthSEED, Jason Berv, David PinedoLinda Inlay, Mallory Dwinal @Oxford Day Academy, Alonzo Henderson, high school Junior and former student of David's, and Mara Benitez @Transformative Coaching + Consulting.