Our model hopes to be replicable for revolution.

Founded on the values of equity + creativity, DSX beckons students to build their agency to affect change, agility to seek out and navigate complex dilemmas, and access to their character and purpose. All within a culture of belonging + becoming.

Our program, rooted in equity and innovation, will prepare DSX students to flourish on any path they choose. We will blend traditional methods with irresistible experiences no student would cut school to miss.


Our students' stories and skills, whether from the heartland or the hills, aren't just welcomed--they're vital to the success of the school. Our students will thrive side by side locating and designing their purpose.

Our teachers are seen as learning experience designers, masters in their craft, grounded in their hearts and act as catalysts collaborating in healthy teams to design curriculum with the students igniting creativity, passion and purpose.

Our campus is built from, by and with our students, utilizing design thinking, making, and applied academics in order to build a shared culture of empathy, ownership and empowered purpose-learning.

Our classrooms will be fluid and flexible. Every space will be a makerspace to build community, empathy & awesome things. DSX will expand from the streets of Oakland to Stanford & from Silicon Valley to Senegal.

Our Program will seek to know all that is great in young people, not just academic ability. DSX will only ask for report cards and transcripts once accepted into our school.

All models we create, from assessment to teaching, or hiring and school site, are created as acts of love and therefore will be open source so that any community, town or city can build a state of the art learning culture of belonging and becoming,rooted in equity + creativity.