Corrina Hui, DSX’s Founding Systemic Equity Designer, is a social justice advocate who designs and facilitates transformational learning experiences for youth and adults. Corrina believes in centering justice and liberation in educational innovation on the individual and systemic levels. As a first-generation Chinese-American who grew up in Hong Kong and San Francisco, Corrina’s stance is grounded in her family’s journeys as refugees and survivors of war and famine, and her personal experiences navigating a white supremacist, patriarchal dominant culture as a woman of color. 

Corrina designs and builds cultures of belonging that value the unique stories, identities, and strengths of each individual. In her experience, when a community empowers individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued, the collective can develop fresh perspectives, critical connections and exciting collaborations. 

Corrina co-design with the community, constantly seeking inspiration and best practices across disciplines. Corrina is a self-aware, thoughtful, creative designer and builder committed to growing justice and liberation not only in her learning experience designs, but also in her daily practice of healthy and joyful living, working, and collaborating. 

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David Clifford, DSX's Founder and Executive Director, builds irresistible learning environments of belonging and becoming. David has been an artist, designer, builder and equity/social justice-oriented educator for over 20 years. Much of this time has been spent designing curriculum and culture that utilize tensions (academia and the arts, power and oppression, white supremacy and multiculturalism) for creative opportunities to inspire humanity and agents of change. As a heterosexual, upper-middle class, able-bodied white man, David is the beneficiary of the generations of oppression of people in U.S. He uses his legacy privilege to challenge the very systems and structures of oppression that placed him in his unearned place of power. This self-awareness, coupled with his design/builder mindset and skill-set give David a fortuitous opportunity to rattle status quo cages found within the White worlds of education and the design/design thinking/maker communities.

David also co-created Liberatory Design, is a founding organizer of the Equity Design Collaborative, co-founder of the East Bay School for Boys. During his 13 tenure at Lick-Wilmerding High School leading the Technical Arts department, David co-designed and built many programs: Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership, Philanthropy Initiative, Senegal Service Learning Project and Private Skills for Public Purpose. David is a former fellow and Senior Learning Experience Designer at the Stanford’s K12 Lab. 

David has been a resident of Oakland for 28 years.