youth should be trained to change the world, not find a job. being trained to find a job is an obsolete idea.  we need more job creators than job seekers. humans are not born to work for someone else but have natural capacity to solve their own problems.  we have unlimited potential for creativity.  young people should be inspired to use that creativity to solve problems and change the world (and not limited to learning quadratic equations). -mohammed yunus

The purpose of the DSX  is to revolutionize secondary education by making a high school that builds your agency to affect change, adaptability to navigate the complexities of our time and the access to any path you choose. DSX students will be ready to lead their own lives in ways that positively impact communities and the world at large because our program gives you the tools, mentors-as-catalysts, purpose-driven curriculum, and opportunities that will inspire our students to engage with their complex world.

At DSX, you will feel seen and whole starting with our thoughtful and comprehensive onboarding process. This process allows us to capture you as an X-shaped student rooted in your story and strengths so you can develop more skills to realize your purpose-driven mission.


After extensive research, design thinking and collaboration with these amazing people, DSX, rooted in equity and innovation, has redesigned:


  • how we see and recognize high school learners as X-Shaped students,

  • the role and relationship teachers, now called catalysts, play in the educational process in order to holistically release the passion and purpose within our youth;

  • the daily schedule to model and practice healthy working habits, creative and critical thinking, collaboration, cultural competency, craftsmanship in core skills, and flexibility;

  • the school culture to create a community of belonging where privileged and marginalized students can learn from each other, thereby closing the opportunity gap and the achievement gap; and lastly,

  • the student onboarding process to help X-shaped students reimagine themselves as someone bigger than test scores or grades in order to become someone they want to be, not what a system wants them to be.