We are actively seeking candidates with passion and shared DSX values to join the founding DSX Board of Directors. 

If you value making schools more inclusive, aware, and active communities, have skills and experience that will compliment the Board, and are prepared to commit time, energy, and funds to a dynamic, working team, please speak to a current Board member: David Clifford, david@designschoolx.org. Terms are for a minimum of three (3) years.

The DSX Board Mission: The Board is committed to DSX and endorses it 110%. Board members will embrace DSX’s values and be able to articulate them by understanding DSX’s program, opportunities, challenges, and future needs. The Board is committed to teamwork to bring the strategic goals to life. The Board invites and is built from diverse backgrounds and perspectives and assures that the School and the board operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, minimizing exposure to legal action.

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Interest in DSX Board
Please mark the areas where you can lend your expertise and time:

Equity commitment:

Each member individually and as a caring team will work to develop "an equitable and pluralistic learning stance that builds from the identities and capacities of our students, their families and our staff, toward a more just and healthy community by addressing power and privilege created by systems like patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism."

Time commitment:

  • Willing to give time, talents and treasure year round
  • Attend board meetings held ten (10) times a year
  • Serve on at least one (1) committee or task force
  • Cultivate a good relationship with the Co-Leads and school constituents as well as the broader community we hope you will:
    • spend a half day observing the school in action, as well as attend two school activities
    • meet the catalysts that come on board
    • enjoy time with the Co-Leads
    • be prepared for board meetings Attend workshops/ trainings

Financial commitment:

  • Contribute direct financial support to the school ($1 or beyond)
  • Understand and endorse the fundraising plan.
  • Identify and assist in cultivating donors
  • Requests gifts

Recruiting commitment:

  • Willingness to recruit and interview prospect board members
  • Ability to evaluate sitting and potential board members fairly and candidly
  • Conduct exit interviews with departing staff, families and board members

 Thank you for your interest in serving on the Design School X. For more information about our organization, please visit: www.designschoolx.org or email david@designschoolx.org with questions.

Please forward to any interested and qualified candidates.