At DSX, our school is built from and around its community. We know that school is not just about honoring and seeing the student, but honoring and inviting the family and community from which the student comes. Every family and community is a living, learning ecosystem supporting our X-shaped students. Below is a group of questions that get to your family's values, needs, fears and hopes for your student and your family unit. The information will allow us and you to understand how DSX can best support your child and your family through your educational journey at DSX and beyond. 

  • Respond only to the questions you are comfortable answering.
  • Try to answer the questions directly, and have fun.
  • We will use your responses to co-design a better school for the Oakland community, your community

This should only take 15 minutes

Once we have received your responses, we will contact you to:

  • Thank you.
  • Share your responses, so when you're looking at other school options you can feel if those schools are meeting your needs.
  • Invite you to help build DSX.
If you feel comfortable sharing.
You can be brief.
This can be your zip code OR specific to your neighborhood, for example, Jingletown, The Bottoms, Crocker Highlands, Maxwell Park, Deep East, The Dimond, Temescal, Chinatown, Lake Merritt, Koreatown, Eastmont, Melrose, San Antonio, Rockridge, Acron and so many more. It's OK if you don't know.
Even if they drive you crazy sometimes.
What MUST exist for you in your student's next learning adventure?
YOUR STUDENT'S Experiences
Answer as if you are the student.
How YOUR STUDENT interacts / interprets his/her/their feelings *
Please check any that describe your student.
hint: you don't need to be good at everything, nobody is. just tell us about what you're especially good at.
Would you like to help us build DSX?
If so, how?

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know you.