We're Hiring for a founding co-lead catalyst!

Click HERE for the full position description.

Deadline is June 2, 2017. Start date as early as July 1, 2017



Interested in working at DSX?

We are looking for adults that are masters in their craft, grounded in their hearts and act as catalysts collaborating in healthy teams to design curriculum with the students igniting creativity, passion and purpose. 

DSX teachers are seen as catalysts, facilitators, mentors, coaches, co-designers, and passion­-pushers. DSX catalysts don’t need to be trained teachers in the traditional sense, but individuals who feel a deep sense of responsibility to share their skills, story, and network of collaborators. 

These catalysts are full time designers/makers/mentors working in teams to support DSX students. 

DSX catalysts:

● are masters in their craft, beginner in their heart and mind,

● have a sense of humor and compassion for self and others,

● believe that creativity and critical thinking are inextricably linked,

● are self­ aware and strive to know the stories of others,

● are flexible thinkers and doers,

● are discerningly optimistic,

● have a generosity of spirit

We currently have no openings for Catalysts at this moment. If you’re interested, please send inquiry to david@designschoolx.org