Interested in working at DSX?

We are looking for adults that are masters in their craft, grounded in their hearts and act as catalysts collaborating in healthy teams to design curriculum with the students igniting creativity, passion and purpose. 

DSX teachers are seen as catalysts, facilitators, mentors, coaches, co-designers, and passion­-pushers. DSX catalysts don’t need to be trained teachers in the traditional sense, but individuals who feel a deep sense of responsibility to share their skills, story, and network of collaborators. 


DSX Catalysts salaries and job scope are designed to be healthy, sustainable, fulfilling and engaging. These catalysts are full time designers/teachers/facilitators working in teams to support DSX students. DSX Catalysts have:

  • mastery in their craft and are beginners in their heart and mind,
  • a sense of humor and compassion for self and others,
  • a belief that creativity and critical thinking are inextricably linked,
  • self-awareness and strive to know the stories of others,
  • flexibility in their thought and actions,
  • discerning optimism,
  • a generosity of spirit

Our catalysts will have 40 hour weeks with no take-home work:

  • 7.5 hrs--design and building of their craft and prepping for teaching/collaborating
  • 5 hrs--learning experience (curriculum) design time with teaching team of three
  • 12.5 hrs--of team teaching/mentoring/coaching with students
  • 5 hrs--office hours to work 1:1 with students on skills acquisition/practice
  • 5 hrs--advisory, home visits, chilling with students
  • 5 hrs--self care (eating well, resting, conversing, your form of self care)

If you're interested in being a DSX Catalyst, please go HERE.

We currently have no openings for Catalysts at this moment. If you’re interested, please send inquiry to david@designschoolx.org


DSX Mentor Catalysts are a part of the larger network of humans who want to share their skills and story with DSX students. This network database of catalysts don’t need to be physically present to participate, just prepared for a call, email or text from a student in need of expertise or advice on their project dilemma. These Catalysts will act as a resource for DSX students’ inquiry and exploration of their world and and learning process. 

You can be an awesome father, mother, skater, designer, climber, hustler, entrepreneur, listener, business person, teacher, scientist, musician, sewer, chef, etc.  You name it, students need you as an expert in the world they are dying to engage with.

DSX currently has over 50 Mentor Catalysts from all over the globe in the fields of finance, design, science, technology, education, the arts and politics.

If you're interested in being a DSX Mentor Catalyst, please go HERE.